Province of Quebec, Canada

Quebec: the most beautiful place in the world for adventures! More than 1 million lakes and rivers across endless virgin lands. Various relief, vegetation and weather that offers different magical décors whatever the season. I am always looking for hidden treasures. Up to now I have explored more than 100 rivers across this massive territory.

Since my early days with the Scouts, Mount Groulx has always been my vast outdoor playground. Whenever I can, this is where I go to hike or go backtrail skiing.

Province de Québec, Canada : Aventure plein air de Frédéric Dion, conférencier

Gaspésie national park

During the winter of 2004 I met Benoît Tremblay, owner of Conceptair. He designs and makes kites, and he infected me with his passion for wind. Quebec’s winds allow for infinite possibilities on our frozen winter lands.

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