The donations you make to Frédéric Dion, as well as the purchase of his products and conferences, contribute directly to the financing of his expeditions. Please note that given he is not registered as a non-profit organisation, he can provide you with a purchase receipt but not a tax receipt.

Antarctica Solo (Digital)

Antarctica Solo (Digital)

The fantastic story of Frédéric Dion told by Bryan Perro

Will I die?

Visibility was 100, maybe 200 metres in front of me, the wind was blowing like I had rarely seen it, and, suddenly, I was thrown into the air. I could do nothing when the rope that tied me to my sled snapped! I was on my heels. I was desperately trying to control my kite, but it was like a wild horse dragging me behind it…I was screaming at it to calm down, to come down! I swore at it, I called it every name possible, then finally it crashed and hit the ground. My sled is lost somewhere behind me. In this situation, I felt vulnerable without it. I had to turn back into the wind as quickly as possible to find it. The blizzard was leaving me little to work with. I moved towards the east for a minute, then west. I no longer had landmarks. Nervously, I beat the kite to the ground and took off my skis to reflect…

In about 20 minutes I will be dead…

A dream on the horizon: 100 days in a kayak

A dream on the horizon: 100 days in a kayak

Conference DVD

At 24, Frédéric Dion heads out on a crazy adventure – crossing Quebec from south to north solo in a kayak. Then, he dreamed of climbing the highest mountain in eastern continental North America – Mount Iberville. 100 days were required to complete this adventure. With the help of captivating images, he recounts is 2,700 km trip to discover the natural beauty of Quebec.

Motivational Toolbox

Motivational Toolbox


This book contains the best photos from the “A Dream on the Horizon” and “Alaska, the Inner Passage” expeditions, in addition to offers simple and effective strategies to help motivation in reaching your objectives. It is accompanied by a CD where you will find the original music from cine-conferences.

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